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    Threads & Co socks are some of the world's finest socks - they feel amazing, last longer and look great.

    We believe you'll feel the difference every time you wear Threads & Co. socks. To make this possible we haven't just focused on designing socks that last longer, but also ensuring a proper fit and high standard of comfort.



    With elasticity built into our socks and a high needle count producing a much finer, stronger weave we're confident they will be comfortable for most feet sizes. Therefore our socks are designed to be "one-size fits most". Refer to the following size chart for an approximate shoe size guide.

    6 - 11
    7 - 11
    7 - 11
    8 - 13
    6 - 11
    6 - 10.5
    39 - 45
    39 - 45
    24.5 - 29
    24.5 - 29



    Depending on the density of the sock pattern and type of raw fibre used, each Threads and Co. sock will posses different levels of warmth. While we are confident our socks will not leave you with cold feet, some designs will be more suited for winter as opposed to burning hot summer days. Each Threads & Co. sock has an indicator of warmth on the product page.


    Some people prefer highly breathable socks with moisture wicking abilities, while others do not. Our range of Sustainable Bamboo socks are designed to be highly breathable with quite amazing moisture wicking abilities. These are ideally suited for hot summer days or humid climates. Each Threads & Co. sock has an indicator of breathability on the product page.


    No two sock designs are exactly the same, regardless of the raw materials used and a standardised manufacturing process. With this in mind, each sock will feel ever so subtly different in terms of the fit and feel of the sock on your feet. Some of our socks are designed with a slightly more custom fitted feel, while others have more standard fitment with plenty of elasticity for those on the move.  Each product page will indicate the type of fit for each sock - custom fitted or standard.


    The Threads & Co. Sustainable Bamboo range of socks are perfect for those with sensitive skin. Not only do they have a beautiful silky luxe feel to them, they will help avoid any unnecessary allergic reactions to certain cottons and artificial fibres experienced with other socks. To browse the designs, check-out our Sustainable Bamboo range.


    Have any more questions?

    Checkout the FAQs or feel free to Contact Us and ask more, we'd love to hear from you.