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    Threads & Co. socks are some of the world's finest socks and we guarantee you'll love them - here's why!

    Every pair of socks is custom designed and thoroughly tested for comfort, lasting quality and vivid color. Although no two designs are the same, we have set a very high standard of quality to ensure each pair exceeds both our expectations and those of our customers.


    We use only the highest quality raw materials

    Threads & Co. manufacture socks in both premium triple Combed Cotton and Sustainable Bamboo. Our raw materials are individually sourced directly by us and undergo regular testing to meet our own exceedingly high-standards. 

    No standard colors - we use a color-match dying process

    The harvested combed cotton and sustainable bamboo is processed and then gently spun into delicate, soft fibre yarns. These yarns are then immersed in color dye for 21-days to ensure a rich and lasting color. Each yarn is individually inspected and undergoes a precise color-matching process ensuring even the slightest imperfections not necessarily visible to the human eye can be detected.

    Highest grade international knitting standard

    Our socks are all manufactured using an incredibly high 200 needle count - the highest grade of stitching available anywhere in the world. This produces a much finer, softer, yet incredibly strong sock. Most commonly available socks you will find are only manufactured using 96 (low quality) or 132 (standard quality) needle counts.

    Extra reinforcement for the heel & toes

    To help our socks last longer, we reinforce both the heel and toe sections of every sock. This helps prevent unnecessary wear that would otherwise significantly reduce the life of your socks. There's greater strength and more life in a Threads & Co. sock, without compromising on quality and comfort.

    Elasticity by design

    The top elastic in our socks has been designed to last wash after wash, keeping your socks up for longer. The main body of our socks also has elasticity built-in to provide a more custom fitted feel - nobody wants loose and saggy socks after a few washes.

    Added extra height

    We have added extra height to our socks. This not only helps keep them up for longer, but also avoid flashes of unnecessary skin when walking up stairs, sitting down or raising the legs. Chasing even more height? - we hear you, coming soon will be our full calf length range.

    Fit & Comfort

    Our socks are designed with not just quality, but overall fit and comfort in mind. Although our customers can expect the same high quality in every single pair, each design has subtle differences in feel and comfort. We have socks that are better suited for summer wearing as they breathe better and have moisture-wicking abilities, while other socks posses certain attributes that make them ideal for cold and stormy winter days. On each product page you will find indicators of warmth, breathability and fit - designed to help you choose the perfect sock for you. 

    Premium packaging suitable for gifting

    When you receive your Threads & Co. socks we want you or the person you're buying for to feel extremely special. Every pair of socks we sell comes uniquely and elegantly packaged ready to be gifted. We encourage you to re-use our packaging and dispose of thoughtfully.


    Have any more questions?

    Checkout the FAQs or feel free to Contact Us and ask more, we'd love to hear from you.