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    Give the gift of Threads & Co. socks, they're some of the world's finest socks - we guarantee they'll love them.

    We are bringing socks back as a welcomed gift to receive. Avoid the eye-rolling and moaning by spreading a little happiness by giving Threads & Co. socks. As with all our socks, we guarantee they'll love them - if not, simply return them.


    Gift Boxes

    Rest assured we've got you covered. Every pair of socks we sell comes uniquely and elegantly packaged ready to be gifted. If you wish for your order to be sent directly to the gift recipient, simply select 'Send as a Gift' at checkout. Your invoice and receipt of purchase is emailed to you, not included in the package.

    Gift Cards

    We'll be adding a range of custom gift cards soon. In the meantime we recommend purchasing either 3-socks, 6-socks or 9-socks - all our socks come beautifully presented in gift boxes ready to be gifted.


    Have any more questions?

    Checkout the FAQs or feel free to Contact Us and ask more, we'd love to hear from you.